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In order to enable us to serve you more practically and efficiently, please know about us, our services, our vision, values and mission statement.

About Us

RIMM ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS is an Architectural, Structural Engineering and Project Management Consultancy Firm. We offer a complete range of Design and Construction Services from the Conceptual Stage through Schematic and Detailed Design and Construction Documentation to meet all Architectural, Structural and MEP Services regardless of the size and complexity of the projects. This enables our Consultancy to take a prominent role in major projects.

RIMM's philosophy of giving highly personalized attention to its esteemed clients is supported well by its team of Qualified & Well Experienced Architects, Structural Engineers, Project Managers, Project Engineers and CAD Designers. These combined talents have given this firm the necessary expertise in each and every facet of Engineering Consultancy Services. RIMM uses State-of-the art computer programmes for the Analysis, Design and Drafting of simple to complex structures in a safe, efficient and economical manner.

RIMM benefits from a close and positive network relationship with other associated professionals with in the industry providing access to a broad base of expertise.

Our clients can expect RIMM ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS to deliver the following..

  • A quality service
  • Single point responsibility
  • Creative and cost effective solutions
  • Leading technical expertise
  • A proven and extensive track record

RIMM is backed by experienced professionals in the area of Architectural, Structural, Building Services, Construction Management and Project Management.


Our Vision is to achieve Excellence in Engineering Consultancy Services through eficient planning, precision calculation, skillful execution, design innovation, sharp understanding of the changing market situation, strengthening of existing resources and qualitative management of the complete process. We believe that this vision will allow us to adhere to our core engineering business but also gives us the requisite motivation and opportunity to respond positively to our clients and their varied needs.


Our vision is supported by the following values which we are committed to maintain :

  • Showing a healthy respect for our Civil Engineering code of ethics, the environment, and quality along with our belief in the philosophy of continuous improvement.

  • Giving regular and stimulating opportunities to our employees which provide them with challenging projects, rewarding environment and equal opportunity.

  • Remembering that personnel are the most important investment in a company and therefore to provide opportunities to our employees to enhance their technical skills through various technical training and certification programs. We also encourage them to enhance their communication and managerial skills.

Mission Statement

We value our vision and it is our mission to be known as one of the leading Engineering Consultancies in India. We understand that it is only possible if we adhere to strictest quality standards we demand ourselves. We would like to set benchmarks in our field using our extensive knowledge apart from our ability to provide cost efective project solutions for our clients and eficiently delivering the same in the shortest agreed time.

RIMM's aim is to consistently raise the level of service in the Engineering Consultancy Industry by providing sound and appropriate advice to the community based on objective and thorough analysis of options. We are obliged to engage in good professional work ethic and ensure that all our commitments, services and practices are fair, transparent and executed to the best of our abilities.